Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers




+ How long does the procedure take?
Depending on the patient's condition and the type of the selected package, it takes about 40 to 60 minutes.
+ Is the procedure safe?
Yes. We only use certified, registered and the best products.
+ Why are medications administered using a drip?
As they are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract only in about 30%, and administered intravenously in 100%, the speed of action we get is also much faster
+ Is the doctor / nurse / paramedic present during the entire procedure?
Of course, a person from our team will be with you throughout the whole procedure
+ How can I verify that the person performing the procedure is a doctor / paramedic / nurse?
Each person from our staff is carefully verified in terms of medical qualifications. If you want to check it yourself, you can do so by checking their license number.
+ Can I order KacDoktor for the office / hotel?
Of course. There are no restrictions as to where the procedure will be performed. It has to be a clean and closed room, that's enough.
+ Do you also provide your services outside of Warsaw?
Yes. Up to 100 km from Warsaw, the additional payment to the package price depends on the distance we have to travel to you.
+ Do you issue bills or invoices?
After each of our visits, you will receive a fiscal receipt from us, we can issue invoices on request.
+ Can I order the treatment in advance?
Of course, we can make an appointment with you on a specific date and time at a place indicated by you.
+ Do you leave your medications on for the next few days?
Yes. If necessary, we leave the drugs in the form of pills for the next days.
+ Are there any contraindications to the procedure?
Our treatments are completely safe, but if you are allergic to any of the drugs (you need to mention it during the medical interview), we either do not give it or replace it with another.
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