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KacDoktor offers Esperal stitching procedures in Warsaw, carried out by a qualified doctor. For many people, it is often a necessary step towards a new, sober life. We have already performed over 3,000 treatments in KacDoktor's office, which is why we understand the needs and problems of patients struggling with alcohol problems. Contact us and make an appointment, we are here for you.

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Who performs the procedure?

MD Tomasz Hendzel

A surgeon and medical director of KacDoktor, a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. In our clinic, he performs about 1,100 procedures a year, which proves that he is highly trusted by our patients.


Call and book a visit now!

+48 511 833 844

Helpline available 24h / 7 days a week.

We operate in Warsaw and the entire Masovian Voivodeship.

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+ What is a subcutaneous alcohol addiction treatment implant?
The subcutaneous alcohol addiction treatment implant is one of the methods used to help fight the addiction to alcohol. It is a drug implanted subcutaneously in the amount of one tablet for every 10 kilograms of the patient’s body weight.
+ What happens if I consume alcohol after being "implanted"?
The main symptoms which occur after consumption include:
- headaches and dizziness
- nausea
- feeling hot and worn down
- palpitations
- shortness of breath
- heart pressure fluctuations
- vomiting
- increased sweating
- disturbances of consciousness - the so-called "entanglement"
+ What does each visit start with?
Every visit starts with:
- medical consultation qualifying for the procedure, performed by a doctor
- collecting a detailed medical history
- discussing the details of the procedure as well as post-treatment recommendations
- completing medical documentation
- signing our consent form for the procedure
+ Is the procedure performed by a medical doctor?
Yes, it is performed by a surgeon.
+ Is the procedure painful?
The procedure is painless and performed under a local anaesthetic.
+ Do I have to make an appointment to remove the stitches after the surgery?
We use dissolvable stitches, so there is no need to remove them. They will dissolve by themselves.
+ Do I pay separately for the stitches?
No! The dissolvable stitches are included in the price of the procedure and we do not charge an additional fee for them.
+ Do I need to be sober on the day of surgery?
It is a necessary requirement to remain sober for at least 24 hours prior to the procedure.
+ How long is the appointment?
It takes approximately 30-35 minutes.
+ How long does the procedure itself take?
The procedure itself takes about 15-20 minutes.
+ What are the contraindications for the procedure?
-alcohol consumed in the period shorter than 24 hours before the procedure- hypersensitivity to the drug or any other substance that it contains
- mental illness
- psychosis
- suicide attempts
- heart or circulatory failure
- ischemic heart disease
- hypertension
+ Can I consume alcohol with a subcutaneous alcohol addiction treatment implant?
No! After the implant procedure, any alcohol consumption, even in the smallest amounts, is prohibited.
+ Will I get a procedure certificate?
Yes, at your request, we can issue a certificate showing that you have undergone the procedure. It is free of charge.
+ Can I drive after the procedure?
Yes, you can. There are no contraindications to driving. The implant does not affect concentration. It does not cause any dizziness either.
+ Is there an "implant" in the form of an injection?
No, it does not exist. The only legal and registered form of treatment are tablets in the form of subcutaneous implants and tablets for oral use.
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